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Christmas Paint Fusion release!

Ok, so these posts were supposed to be staggered as sneak peeks throughout this week, however all I have done this week is work and sleep so it didn't happen! You already all know by now that our Sheena has released six new stamps to the Paint Fusion range for Christmas, and here are the samples that I knocked up for the new DVD and shows. So here is the whole lot in one go....

First up we have a circular box using the new Wreath and Garland set, done with a yellow crackle and embellished with a Tim Holtz christmas ticket.

Next up we have a heart shaped box with pink crackle, using the Christmas Rose set...

Then we have the Pine Cone set....

Pine tree plaque.... embellished with die cut letters using a Tim Holtz die

Ceramic fusion! I used an old tile from my Dad's garage and porcelain paints, which you cook in the oven to make dishwasher safe etc. The Ivy set is my favourite one I reckon, and can be used all year round..

Another box using the same Ivy set...

Next up we have the Holly set, my other favourite of this release

Finally a couple more playarounds with the stamps and the ceramic paints, I made a tealight holder out of an old jam jar and a set of four coasters

Hope you enjoy!

Katie xx

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