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Introducing the 'Speccies' .... and a sneak peek of this weekends launch :)

Good evening all

I know that technically my blog has been a little quiet recently - it doesn't however mean that I haven't been doing anything! I've been working on top secret releases non stop in various forms, that I can reveal to you bit by bit over the next month or so :)

Anyway, unless you've been on another planet you will have realised that this week saw the launch of the amazing new Spectrum Noirs - that have already been affectionately named the 'Speccies'....

My DT pack arrived in the post last week and I have to say, I am converted! I have always been a traditional watercolour painting girl, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and attempt to work with alcohol markers. It took me a while to realise that it wasn't going to look like a watercolour, but once I had got my head around that, I was away!

Firstly here are a few of my first attempts using the pens .. please bear in mind that I have only ever used Copics once, so I am far from an expert or experienced - but they blend like a dream and make it really easy! If I can do it (and shock horror colour without the use of a brush), then anyone can :) I'll be posting up a more detailed review later in the week.

Also being launched this weekend are new releases from Humphrey and Swalk ... here is your first sneak peek! The papers are from the original Humphrey CD.

Speccie colours are as follows:

Lottie - CG 3, CG 1, CG 0.5

Dress - 33, 45, 38, 35, 48

Chocolate Box - 98, 92, 5, 48

Outline - BG 1

Anyway back to work :)

Katie xxx
35 36 37 38