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Adorables Sneak Peek # 3 ... and Heidi's return!!

Morning all!

Many of my blogging buddies will know that around 6 weeks ago, the lovely little Heidi went missing from our garden and didn't come back :(. We spent so long searching for her, trawling through fields, putting up posters, talking to everyone in the village, dropping out flyers, that to be honest, we had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing her again.

Anyway, last night, I missed a call on my landline (missed it deliberately actually, as it was a withheld number), and when I listened to the message, it was from a nearby vet, in a local village, looking to discuss her with me. I had registered her as missing 6 weeks ago. I presumed that it was another one of those phone calls that I had had from several vets, wanting to know if she was still missing, so that they could update their missing register. However, no, an elderly couple had brought in a stray that had been living at a farm for the past month, and wanted to get her microchipped and adopt her. They were prepared to wait 10 minutes for me to get there and possibly I.D. her.

I dropped everything and drove, fast!

We've had so many calls and possible sightings, that you don't want to allow yourself to even think that it could be her. But it was.

She's a bit grumpy and moth eaten looking, but she is home, now chipped(!!) and healthy, if not a little traumatised and not quite her usual self.

She ran straight up to her spot under the clothes airer.

Now all is left is for me to start writing and sending thankyou cards to the guys that looked after her at the farm, the vets for making the link and the elderly couple who were decent enough to bring her in. I felt bad for them as they loved her and really wanted to keep her, I'm sure they were hoping that it wouldn't be Heidi!

Anyway, on to today's sneak peek....

I reckon this is probably my favourite stamp set of the new release... the papers and borders are from the new CD rom, and the images are all stamped and watercoloured. This is another one of those 'post alcohol fun' cards - so I'm amazed that everything is stuck on straight, and her skin isn't painted orange, or something ridiculous. All is well that ends well!!

Katie xxx
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