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Und jetzt ein bissle Deutsch...

So, my buddy Sara over at Crafter's Companion contacted me last week to see if I could rustle up some samples for the upcoming TV shows on HSE, Germany. The TV channel had asked for samples that weren't 3D, and that didn't use the crackle technique - something that would appeal to the beginner German crafter. Here are the samples that will be winging their way to Sara tomorrow - hope they're ok!

I've spent a lot of time in Germany over the years (since I was 15, actually), so I have a pretty good idea of what type of thing German people tend to like... they like the traditional look, seasonal decor and a touch of elegance. I'd say conservative also, but I'm sure there are lots of lovely German ladies (/guys!) who like a bit of quirky!

All the painted panels have been double-sprayed with Spray and Shine varnish, so they are actually very shiny, but it doesn't show in the photos, because the weather is all wet and miserable outside :(.

Mr Coppercat looks so real!! :)

That's alles anyway - it was a real Schwierigkeit to keep it simple but hopefully they sind OK!
Thanks auch to my lovely Freundin Nicole who made most of these sentiment files fuer mich!

Katie xxx

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