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Time for some PINK!

So, I just realised that I seem to have produced rather more samples than I realised, and have 6 more posts to fit in between now and Thursday evening. So.. better get on with it then...

I was dragged forcibly (almost kicking and screaming I may add), to Focus to buy the relevant emulsions I needed to complete some projects. So, in order to irritate said 'dragger', I picked up the most pink tester pot I could find, and decided to do some pink crackling. I quite like this little one. I die-cut the text using a Sizzlet die and pink cardstock, and then covered it with a layer of Glossy Accents adhesive to give it a raised effect. I then glittered up the pansies et voila! I think the pansy is my favourite of the new release...

Obviously the inside needed to be pink too, it's called attention to detail people!

Katie :)

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