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I've got myself a new slave...

I swear, whenever it's time to take some photos, about 50 cats descend on my workspace to get their 5 minutes of fame.. here are the ones that were successful, we'll call these the outtakes..

What kind of an angle is this?!?!?

Anyway, on to the project, a sunflower wine box, although it could also be used to contain a fancy bottle of just about anything...

I can't take the credit for the crackling on this one, I've gone and got myself a brand new 'crackle slave' - and male too! Boys shouldn't be able to do things like this, but on this piece I am reliably informed that he has done a 'graduated crackle' - going from green crackles at the bottom, to yellow crackles at the top. Anyway - very nice thankyou Mr Crackle Slave, I hope you will stick around for many more fun filled crackle evenings and continue to fulfil your crackle slave potential.

Now, that is DEFINATELY it until tomorrow!!

Katie (and Mr Crackle Slave!) xx
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