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How I spent my Friday night...

Morning!! I know I haven't posted anything in quite a while but I've had quite a lot on!! I have a couple of hours spare this morning while the electrician is in sorting out my TV aerial though, so I thought I'd bring you up to date on what I've been doing. These are some terracotta pots that I bought in Aldi for £1.29 each, a couple of hours later and some attention with Sheena Douglass' new Blossoms and Berries, they are looking significantly prettier and in keeping with my extremely pretty cottage garden! Photographic evidence of the blossoming friendship / romance between my cat Molly and her big ginger friend, Ralph!!
Looks like all the kitties are pretty interested :) Here's Heidi having a nose around!!

Anyway, lots more posts to come, and also some sneak peeks of NEW stamp sets!!

Katie xoxo
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