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Crafty Alley July Kit - Summer Art Journal

Morning everyone!

Firstly I need to let you all know that Cathy and Felicia were able to make up a few more kits, so you still have a chance to pick one up, HERE!

I have a mini art/photo journal to share with you today. I loved the papers so much that I wanted to make something I could keep forever!

I have a very different concept in plan for this art journal. Because the papers are SOOO pretty, I am planning on photocopying any drawings, memoirs, or photos onto acetate, and then overlaying them onto the patterned paper, so that the paper still shows through. Hopefully that will look cool!
Here's some more close up detail: it's hard to see but I have coated everything in lots of glitter! :-)
That's it from me!

Katie xoxo
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