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June International Flower Swap - Swap Groups

Hello Girls:

Well, here are your swap groups for June!! You'll find the guidelines at the bottom of the post.

I've linked each name with a place that you can contact your swap partners.

Group 1:

Timi Konya
Maria Adams
Nicole Mullen

Group 2:

Shirley Anne Chillman
Jennifer Timmons
Jo Brett

Group 3:

Dee G
Tracey Main

So, here's what you need to do:

Make 3 fantabulous packs of flowers, one for each of your swap partners. Make sure there are 3 flowers in each package! Back them onto cardstock or paper, and package them in a cellophane bag, as if you were selling them. Contact your partners and post them off direct! Simple!

Please have your flowers in the mail by the 30th June, and we will start the July sign-ups shortly afterwards.

Mostly, just have fun!! If you hop over to the Crafty Alley Ning Network, you will find a thread in the forum where we have been posting flower making tutorials if you need a little inspiration. Failing that, Youtube is full of them!

Have fun ladies

Katie xoxo.
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