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Exciting packages and a Quick Fluffy Flower Tutorial

Hey everyone,
Both yesterday and today I was woken by the postman laden down with new goodies!! Look at these beauties, these are going to be new best friends with my shiny new BigShot!! See in the top right hand corner? Yes, you are seeing correctly, they are OWL Shapeabilities, and they are available from www.craftyalley.com . I am totally in love with them!

So I decided to have a play this morning, and for this tutorial we will be using the Peony Nestabilities, although you could use any nested flower die that you have to hand.

I decided I wanted to make some pretty flowers, and I had some pink tissue paper lying around that I had salvaged from some packaging (the crafter on a budget saves everything! I have a drawer full of empty loo rolls, hehehe). So here's how I made them:

1. Cut out using your die cutting machine, the four smallest dies. I folded my tissue paper so that it had 4 layers and cut them out all at once. However, I realised that even with 4 layers, the paper was too thin and the dies slightly embedded themselves in the cutting plate. So, for the bigshot, I used the following sandwich:
From bottom:

So, you should now have a little pile of cut out tissue shapes:

Next, I used Glossy Accents, and applied a tiny drop in the middle and started to layer them up. The number of layers you use depends on how fluffy you want your flowers to be. I didn't use too many layers as I wanted my flower for a card, and it needs to fit into a cellophane bag!!

When you have glued your layers in place, while the glue is still drying, take a tiny pinch at the centre of the underside of the flower, and fluff out your petals.
Finally, I have used some stickles on the edges of the petals to define them and add some extra sparkle!

Aren't they pretty? I'm going to make a card using this later and will post it up here if I have time.
Thanks for peeking,
Katie xoxo
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